Sunday, May 08, 2005

Next up, John Bolton advises us on Anger Management

I am in a rare position, as are Avedon and Echidne this week. We are all bloggers, but hardly of the type referred to by today's NY Times Breaking of Wind, I mean Editorial by Adam Cohen.

The subject is "journalistic" responsibilities held by prominant bloggers, and it claims:

But more bloggers, and blog readers, are starting to ask whether at least the most prominent blogs with the highest traffic shouldn't hold themselves to the same high standards to which they hold other media.

Excuse me?

Isn't this the equivalent of FoxNews famous cliche, "Some would say..."?

I've been reading Eschaton for about two years now, maybe more, I really don't remember asking this question, nor chatting in comments about such a thing -- and what do we not talk about in comments? Further, I cannot once remember asking this question regarding Atrios, Kos, Talking Points, or even Ernest T. Bass, ESQ.

If you cannot read my blog, or others, and tell what is humor and what is a rant and understand what weight they should be given, perhaps you should just stick to reading Entertainment Weekly.

But thanks for acting like you've thought up an actual issue Mr. Cohen.

Monica from NYC in comments is right, Cohen's piece is really similar to the "media two-step" Avedon discussed below.