Monday, May 09, 2005

On Lint Democrats

David Sirota has something to say about the moderates of the Democratic Party, especially about their anger at Nancy Pelosi:

It would be one thing if they had a serious, substantive complaint against Pelosi. Yet, according to Roll Call, these "moderates" are still whining simply because a few weeks ago Pelosi had the guts to tell the truth and level with Democrats who sold out the party by supporting the credit card-industry written bankruptcy bill. In other words, all she did was tell the truth and try to keep her party together - exactly what a LEADER is elected to do. For Democrats who desperately need to project strength and resolve, this whining and crying is just another example of "moderates" once again undermining the party at the worst possible time.

"Moderates say they are waiting for action, not apologies, from Pelosi," the story says about these political crybabies. "They say they want the Minority Leader to show that moderate and conservative Democrats are part of party decision-making..." Funny, last I checked, these "moderates" are not only "part of party decision-making" but they have actually taken over decision making for the party by abandoning the party on key votes, and therefore sending the embarrassing message to America that Democrats are divided on even the most fundamental economic issues. In fact, these "moderates" have been so assertive in making such destructive decisions on behalf of the party, the right-wing Washington Times is now bragging about them - a true sign of disgrace.

The Washington Times should be happy about the divisions within the Democrats: anything that tears up the opposition will help the wingnuts. Party discipline is something the wingnuts excel at and something we free-thinkers do rather poorly. But there are times when the lack of party discipline is especially costly, and I'd argue that we are living in one of those right now. Yes, we are the party of tolerance, but do we really have to tolerate Zell Miller and his clones? Those Democrats who stick to the Republicans like lint to socks in the dryer?