Friday, May 13, 2005

Poor "Moderates"

The few lost souls in the middle: Mr. Chafee, Ms. Snowe, Ms. Collins, Mr. Specter. And Mr. Lieberman. They are squeezed harder than Giles Corey was during the Salem Witch Trials. The wingnuts want their votes for the Bolton nomination, and at least the first four are expected to vote against the use of filibustering in the Senate. Party discipline. The wingnuts are big on party discipline.

What happens if the "moderates" rebel against the wingnuts? As Stranger suggests, maybe they will be punished with the loss of more military bases. But what happens if they go along with the will of most Republicans? If filibustering ceases to be an option, the wingnuts won't need the "moderate" voices as much as in the past. The "moderates" might become even more impotent than they currently are.