Monday, May 09, 2005

Potemkin Questioners Ass Kicking

What does it say when a group of Dutch kids make such an unmitigated doof of Feckless Leader that the coddled and inept American Media is ushered out of the meeting?

The next question — the last heard by reporters or included in the White House transcript — concerned the cost of the Iraq war.

The unidentified questioner noted that the U.S. had been involved in "a lot of wars," and wondered about the impact on Americans at home.

She said she had recently received a brochure seeking donations for poor people in the United States and asked Bush: "What's the balance between the responsibility to the world and the responsibility to your own people?"

Said Bush: "I think we have a responsibility to both." Reverting to what resembled a campaign stump speech, he then listed the value of small businesses in creating jobs and spoke of the United States' role in fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa and safeguarding freedom around the world.

Media were then asked to leave, though the meeting, held in a window-lined room at a glorious chateau near Maastricht, went on for another half-hour.

Were they:

(a) Afraid Bush would look even more ham-handed and inept than usual (a scary thought)?

(b) Afraid of what the Press Corps may learn about journalism?

(c) Both?

Doofus Poppins!

Photo via Reuters