Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Some might say -- WANKER!

John Tierney, ladies and gentlemen, or as the New York Times should just advertise, "Two Bobos at Twice the Price!"

I never thought I would say this, but I miss Bill Safire telling me to get off his lawn. As aggravating and redundant as Safire's act was, that bitter old bastard could write and lie with aplomb.

Today Tierney, settling into Bobo's old Tuesday spot, comes up with this proposal. The press should not report with much depth on suicide bombings because, gosh darnit, it makes it look like things are not going very well. In other words, our dumb media also needs to mellow out!

Bullshite! Always good to see anybody from the NY Times offices in the states take the press to task for how Iraq is being covered without any irony whatsoever. Consider a few of your colleagues Mr. Tierney, who reported not on suicide bombers, but uncritically of whatever pablum the Bush Administration tossed out before those bombers were around.

One could spend paragraphs cursing every sentence, but this is a "family" blog so I'll keep my fucking indignation short and let the rest of you have your shot at the wanker.

Update: Apparently, and perhaps sadly for him, TBogg and I had the same initial thoughts.