Friday, June 03, 2005

The New Balance

I forget who I was talking to over the past couple of days about this, but in any case it was their idea and I'd credit them if I could remember but for some reason their identity is escaping me at the moment.

But, anyway, it was a pretty good idea and it seems to fit in with CNN's new plan to do politics with a little bit less screaming. The idea is some version of an hourly nightly news show, split into 2 parts. One half would be scripted and hosted by liberals, and the other half would be done by conservatives. Neither would have to be an extremely partisan show, and nor would they in any sense be "debate" shows. Just two different versions of current important issues. The shows wouldn't necessarily cover the same issues - the choice of the issues themselves would be an important difference between the shows.

The idea is you get a kind of balance without turning everything into just dueling talking points. Ideally, the shows would be "news with persepctive" and not talk or interview shows (though interviews and roundtable discussions could be a part of them).

From a liberal perspective, of course, we'd actually get one liberal show on television, which is probably why such a thing will never happen. But it sounds like a good idea to me...