Friday, June 10, 2005

Thanks Al

And a big fuck you to the liberal media for robbing Al Gore of what will probably be his biggest legacy - creating the internet. I've never seen anyone even attempt to seriously dispute the assertion of "no Al Gore, no internet." It's hard to imagine, about 12 years after mosiac, that the web wasn't inevitable. However, it surely wasn't. There's a pretty good chance that without Senator big geek Gore we would never have had the "information superhighway." Sure, we would have had a set of competing walled gardens (compuserve, aol, etc...) which would've probably had improved interconnectedness over time. But, I do believe that without Gore (and, of course, others) there's a pretty good chance that the Web as we know it, or anything similiar, would never have existed.

So, once again, thanks Al.