Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Was Vince Foster a Woman?

I think if we discovered that Vince Foster had in fact been a woman it could be the discovery which would provide us with the Grand Unified Theory of Wingnuttia.

According to Mr. Klein’s guilt-by-association theory, she must be a homosexual "gender feminist," and couldn’t possibly love her husband, because "many of her closest friends and aides were lesbians." But he repeats the old rumor that she had an affair with Vince Foster, the White House counsel who committed suicide, although my sources still insist that Foster was a man.

According to Conason Klein has footnotes but frequently when you check the footnotes it turns out they're just recycling unverifiable anonymously sourced crap from other anti-Hillary books.

Shame on Penguin:

Even Page Six, the New York Post’s Clinton-bashing gossip column, derided the book as a "hatchet-job" and the author as "error-prone." The tabloid mocked Mr. Klein for identifying a happily married former classmate as Mrs. Clinton’s rumored lesbian lover. He never spoke with this lady—who denied the smear to the Post—and he repeatedly misspells her surname, which he evidently copied from another book. The New York Times management must cringe whenever Mr. Klein’s former employment there is cited as his main journalistic credential.

As for the management of Penguin—a company once regarded with universal respect and admiration—they should be cringing for years to come.