Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wayne DuMond

Since we're spending a wee bit of time skipping down memory lane, let's remind ourselves of the case of Wayne DuMond. DuMond was convicted of raping a distant cousin of Bill Clinton, and his conviction and imprisonment became a non-trivial part of Wingnuttia's Clinton conspiracy mythos. DuMond was widely believed to be innocent by those on the Right. He became a cause for NY Post columnist Steve Dunleavy, who regularly pushed the issue claiming his innocence. As was frequently the case in those years, even such outlets as the not liberal "liberal" Village Voice pushed the story. As that last link will explain, DuMond attacked and castrated while he awaited trial. I'm certainly no fan of vigilante justice. But the fact that he was a victim of a crime doesn't make him innocent of the crime he was accused of.

Dunleavy and others flogged this issue for a long time. At some point, DuMond was released on parole. Not long after he was accused of committing two homicides, for which he was sentenced to life without parole (as far as I can find he was just found guilty of one of these though I could be missing something). Nice job Steve Dunleavy! I'm sure the family Carol Sue Shields is thrilled.

When the Clinton rules of journalism are in operation, there is nothing they won't stop at. Steve Dunleavy? Still writing for the NY Post...

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