Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Judy Judy Judy

Still proved fucking right!

Miller told the judge that if U.S. troops could risk death in their fight for freedom in Iraq, "surely, I can face prison to defend a free press."

"I have chronicled the dark side of the world, where the law is an arbitrary foil that serves the powerful," she said in court, Washington Post staff writer Carol Leonnig reported. "I also know that the freest and fairest societies are . . . those with a free press . . . publishing information the government does not want to reveal," Miller said.

um, Judy, I'll let your little Iraq comment go for the moment. The issue here is that you were being used by the government to publish information they wanted you to publish (which you didn't, though what else you did with the info we do not know) in order to destroy enemies of the government. That's, uh, not really what "freest and fairest" societies are about.