Thursday, July 14, 2005

Political and Legal

There are two sets of issues here, the political and legal ones. The legal ones are currently in the hands of the grand jury system and Fitzgerald, and either he will obtain indictments followed either plea bargains or trials which will result in convictions or acquittals, or he won't obtain indictments of any sort and presumably the legal issues will be over.

There are also the political issues, which involve the fact that the presiden't top guy, and perhaps others in the administration, figured that outing a CIA agent in a hamhanded and incoherent attempt to discredit her husband (it's only coherent if you reside in Wingnuttia, where making up facts and assigning meanings to facts and phrases that they don't actually have is standard operating procedure). Personally, I imagine the Fitzgerald will come up with indictments, but even if he doesn't that's what the Republican party and their surrogates are supporting - the revealing of the secret identity of undercover intelligence operatives for rather ridciulous partisan purposes.