Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Trial of the Century

One wonders how the media will treat, if it happens, the criminal trial of Rush Limbaugh.

WEST PALM BEACH — Some of Rush Limbaugh's medical records may be in the hands of prosecutors this week, jump-starting anew the criminal investigation of the conservative talk-show king and ending his 19-month battle to reclaim them.

A judge indicated during a hearing Tuesday that he's nearly done reviewing the seized records. Circuit Judge Thomas Barkdull III asked for evidence bags for the records' transport. "Three of them," he said.
Barkdull said nothing about what portion of Limbaugh's records he would put into evidence.

Limbaugh's lawyers were in court Tuesday fighting to restrict who in the state attorney's office will view them. Attorney Roy Black asked that just a few prosecutors and investigators be allowed access and talked of holding them in contempt if they publicly disclose what they see in the records.