Thursday, July 14, 2005


Santorum aide an out gay man, according to Raw Story.

In a phone call recorded by PageOneQ and, Robert Traynham, Director of Communications for United States Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) has said he is an out gay man who completely supports the Senator.

When asked how a gay man could speak for one of the nation's most notorious homophobes, Traynham protested that has "been with the Senator for eight years." Traynham went on to say "Senator Santorum is a man of principle, he is a man who sticks up for what he believes in, I strongly do support Senator Santorum."

When pressed on whether he supported the Senator's stands on lesbian and gay issues, Mr. Traynham abruptly ended the phone call by saying "Senator Santorum is a family man with "I have been with Senator Santorum for right years and I am very proud to be with him."

An attempt to follow-up with a question was met with Mr. Traynham hanging up the phone.

Traynham flashback:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Critical comments about homosexuality by a leading Senate Republican were labeled as "unfortunate" by two GOP colleagues, who said they don't represent the ideals held by many in their party.

"Discrimination and bigotry have no place in our society, and I believe Senator (Rick) Santorum's unfortunate remarks undermine Republican principles of inclusion and opportunity," said Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, according to a statement from her office.

Sen. Lincoln Chafee, R-Rhode Island, released a similar statement on Thursday, disagreeing with Santorum's remarks, published Monday by The Associated Press. In an interview with the wire service, Santorum criticized homosexual activity, citing it with incest and polygamy, among other things, and describing it as a threat to society and the family.


A spokesman for Santorum expressed optimism Thursday that the controversy would soon go away.

"This story is kind of dying down," said Robert Traynham. "There is really nothing new to report."

Well, one more thing maybe.