Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Insurgents Will Always Be With You

I don't think this statement by Dumbasrocks Hunter got enough airing:

HUNTER: Well, I think he's defining this mission in the wrong way. There are always going to be insurgents in Iraq. There's a porous border with Syria and with other nations, and there's always going to be bombs going off and that's the nature of that neighborhood. The key is as we stand up this free government, which is elected by the people, will we have a military which is strong enough to protect that government and to be accountable to that government? And I think that's going to happen. I think this idea of requiring the standard to be that we're going to have a nation which is free of violence is unrealistic, and nobody has ever posited that as a goal.

That's quite an incredible feat of moving of the goalposts. The net is about 86 miles wide and 1 foot from the center line at this point.

Someone here commented earlier that these people don't see war and death as real, they just see it as a chess game. I thought that was too generous. I think they see it as a game of hungry hungry hippos.