Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Minitru on the Hudson

Looks like the New York Times has had a wee adjustment to its style guide:

"There's a certain ferocity in motherhood," said Celeste Zappala of Philadelphia, a co-founder of Ms. Sheehan's antiwar group, Gold Star Families for Peace, and the mother of Sgt. Sherwood Baker, a national guardsman. Sergeant Baker was killed in Baghdad in April 2004 while protecting the Iraq Survey Group, which was searching for large unconventional weapons.


Ms. Prewitt said she voted for Mr. Bush in 2000 and initially supported the war, but turned against it after no unconventional weapons were found. "The first year I was rather numb, and then I got angry," she said.

"Unconventional weapons?" Admittedly, it's a better term, but it also serves to help us forget what this war was all about in the first place...

...UPDATE: I just did a Nexis search and they've apparently been using both terms for quite some time. It's interesting really - sometimes it's an appropriate usage and sometimes it isn't. strange.