Thursday, August 04, 2005

On Collages

The Poor Man discusses the right wing's latest blog fetish.

...oh, and by the way, could someone start paying The Editors lots of money to write for some esteemed or not so esteemed publication. Some people who blog are writers, some of us for the most part aren't. I can occasionally pen a decent phrase and when I put the work in I can string enough words together to make a decent point. If I bother to proofread it and spend a couple extra minutes to polish what I've written the grammar nannies may not shriek in horror and I'm usually capable of getting the point across quite well. But, for the most part I exploit the medium of blogging - links, excerpts, quick references, etc... - in such a way which makes much of what I do not Real Writing. People may be interested in what I say, but it's rare that they're all the interested in how I say it. This isn't self-deprecation, just an acknowledgement that what I do on this blog isn't for the most part writing in the way we normally think of it. No prose contest winning entries in part because I'm just lazy.

The Editors can write. Someone send The Editors a check.