Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Other

I guess we're at the point in the news media that literally every person who is making news, at least someone who is nominally "on the left," must be balanced be an equal and opposite figure, even if that person has to be manufactured by the media itself. David E. has some fun with the loathsome Kurtz, who actually said:

KURTZ: But you also need journalists who are going to give that kind of attention to somebody from the other side.

MILBANK: I think we will see when we see it.

KURTZ: All right.

It isn't clear what "the other side" is here, but goddamnit we will find that person. Luckily, that person won't actually have to bother going and sitting in the sun in Texas for weeks, just by virtue of Sheehan's existence that person, whoever it may be, will be given equal time, no matter how unequal they are.

The story is about a mother who lost a son in Iraq and went to Crawford to try to get the president, who keeps telling her that her son died for a noble cause, to tell her what that cause is. What's the other side of that? People who don't want to know why we're in Iraq?