Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Philadelphia Stuff

For those coming by Amtrak, you can either take a $5-$6 cab ride to the hotel, or hop on any of the Septa commuter trains (free with Amtrak ticket stub) which are heading towards center city. Best bet is two stops to Market East station, which is a short walk from the hotel.

People coming from the New York vicinity can also try taking New Jersey Transit to Trenton and then picking up a Septa train to Philadelphia (again, to Market East station). Takes about an hour longer, but only costs about $18 each way. Another option is one of the Chinatown bus lines. They will drop you off within walking distance of the hotel, too.

From the airport, fixed cab fee is $25. Septa trains run every half hour, again to Market East station, and costs in the neighborhood of $5. Airport shuttle will run you $8.

For Friday evening festivities, the New Wave Cafe is a bit under two miles from the hotel.

If you're so inclined, it's probably a decent opportunity for a long stroll. Otherwise, you could take the Subway (blue Market-Frankford line) from Market East to 2nd and Market and walk the rest of the way, which will cut your walk in about half. Or, just split a cab with a couple of people and it shouldn't be more than $8 total.

The Khyber is under a mile from the New Wave Cafe, and is also located right by the 2nd & Market subway stop. Certainly walkable, or for those who who are less mobile a short cab ride away. Subway or cab is probably the easiest way to return home from the Khyber, although it's certainly safe to walk if you're not alone (the late night stroll down market street isn't the sexiest, so if you want to walk it's probably worth heading down Walnut St. or Chestnut St. instead.)

more later...