Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Shocked, Just Shocked

Yeah, what Kevin says. Bush's shocking new statements on wanting to teach Intelligent Design/Creationism are nothing new.

As all at least moderately sensible people understand, the issue is not whether schools can teach creation myths or discuss various beliefs about the creation of the universe. The problem is teaching them either as Truth or alongside legitimate science in a science class.

Obviously most people who believe in some form of supreme deity are lowercase intelligent design believers of some kind, but that's entirely different from being believers in the "science" of uppercase Intelligent Design. People are free to believe, if they wish, that aspects of the universe including life suggest to them the presence of some form of divine hand. But that's spirituality and faith, not science. There is no genuine science of Intelligent Design and it has no place in science classrooms.

Kudos to our wonderful media for treating this as a he said/she said issue, where one side is the entire legitimate scientific community and the other side consists of a bunch of good Christian liars trying to dress their religion up as science. They tried once before with "Creation Science" and now they're trying again with "Intelligent Design."