Monday, August 08, 2005

Singin' Bob

Roll Call:

In an ever-so-brief and slightly rough-and-tumble telephone interview with HOH on Friday, Novak said, “That’s none of your business!” when asked what his answer would have been to Henry’s planned question. Quivering, HOH summoned up the courage to ask, “Are you going back before the grand jury?”

Novak paused and said, “That would suggest I’ve been there before and you don’t know that.” (HOH wrongly thought that perhaps Novak would be more vulnerable and not so sharp after his on-air meltdown.) He very politely, for Bob Novak, declined to answer the question and said he would not discuss the case. But he did confirm that CNN producers had warned him ahead of time that Henry, who was hosting “Inside Politics” when Novak flipped out, would be asking the P of D how he got Plame’s name. Again, the answer to that question is ... none of our business.

Of his outburst, Novak told HOH, “I lost my temper which was not excusable.” He blamed “James’ rudeness” for provoking him. Yes, that would be the Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville. “He went on ad hominem. ... I do not go on ad hominem,” Novak said. (Oh really, Mr. Novak?)

Amazing all the deference given to "private citizen" Bob Novak over the last couple of years.