Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Swift Boating Continues

The Schmidt campaign continues their war against veterans. They're now calling Hackett a liar for claiming he'd be claiming he'd be the only OIF Vet to serve in Congress. Apparently, one current member of Congress flew missions over the northern no-fly zone in Iraq in 2000, before Operation Iraqi Freedom, and that therefore Hackett is a liar.

Chickenhawk squawk!

The real question is why does Jean Schmidt keep taking her eye off the ball?

Call the Schmidt campaign at 513-295-1960 and 513-575-0840 and ask how it's possible to have served in OIF before it even existed.

...To be clear, as far as I know Mark Kirk isn't misrepresenting his military service, the Schmidt campaign is doing it for him. Kirk's own website says he served stateside during OIF (one weekend a month as an intelligence officer in the Pentagon). There's no separate medal for serving in OIF, as the morons in charge decided to piss on the troops even further by lumping OEF and OIF together and giving only a GWOT Expeditionary medal, but unless there's some component of Kirk's service he's not advertising he wouldn't qualify for a GWOT medal. Again, this is no criticism of Kirk who, as far as I know, has not engaged in any resume puffery at all. It's all Schmidt, pissing on yet another Vet.

...oops, Terry corrects me. The White House did eventually change their mind and establish a separate Iraq campaign medal. Missed that.