Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The War Between the Sects

Digby discusses the signs that "big tent Judeo-Christianity" isn't really a stable coalition, at least not once the state gets involved. I really don't understand why anyone could've predicted otherwise. There's been a truce of sorts called between various conservative religious groups and leaders based on a mutual hating of the gay and of abortion, along with general Michael Medved/Bill Bennett cultural tut-tuttery, but the doctrinal, ritual, and cultural differences between different Christian denominations, let alone the divide by Christianity and Judaism (a wee difference here and there), are significant. All of that can be brushed aside as long as these people united on political goals which they could all agree on (outlawing abortion, preventing gay marriage), but once Bible instruction, creationism, widespread public displays of religious symbols, school prayer, faith based funding, etc... become a widespread reality, many of them are going to realize what anyone should have - they're going to fight amongst themselves.

The sooner the better.