Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Now that just about everyone has made it home, I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone who made the effort to come to Eschacon. I never really imagined that such a nice community would spring up around this blog, and it's certainly nice to see that it has. It was great meeting everyone, though admittedly my capacity for matching names, handles, and faces got a bit full after awhile (the various pix floating around help to remind me of course).

Special thanks, of course, to those who did the organizing or helped in any way with it(That I'm aware of). NYMary, Vicki, Watertiger, Thersites, Ntodd, Eli... Great job, and everything went smoothly as far as I could tell. I spent the weekend reminding people that I had nothing to do with the organizing - not because I wanted to run from responsibility, but because the credit should go to the people to truly do deserve the credit.

Thanks for the bloggers who participated on the blogger panel - Spin Dentist, Susie, Bob Fertik, NTodd, and Thersites for his excellent moderation.

Thanks to the shrill one for his surprise visit.

And, thanks to those who joined us for the afternoon panel:

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

Patrick Murphy, candidate for Congress from Pennsylvania's 8th district.

Chuck Pennacchio, candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania.

Alan Sandals, candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania.

Mark Cohen, PA Representative for District 202.

Jesse Berney from the DNC.

Ally Wade from the DCCC.

Thanks to anyone I've forgotten to thank...

And, for those of you from around the country who want another party in a new location - start organizing!