Friday, September 30, 2005

Idiots Abroad

This quote was in Sid Vicious's column yesterday, and I suppose he just left it hanging because it was so obvious. But, sadly, it isn't actually obvious to enough people so we should spell it out. Karen Hughes:

UNDER SECRETARY HUGHES: I haven’t really heard a lot of that. I had one person at one lunch raise the issue of the President mentioning God in his speeches. And I asked whether he was aware that previous American presidents have also cited God, and that our Constitution cites “one nation under God.” He said “well, never mind” and went on to something else. So he sort of was trying to equate that with the terrorists’ (inaudible). So I explained that I didn’t really think that was something you could equate. And he sort of dropped it and moved on. He was one of the opposition leaders in Egypt.

Would someone please send Hughes a copy of our constitution? It'd be nice if, maybe, she actually knew what was and wasn't in it.