Monday, September 19, 2005


Limbaugh, Friday:

Thankfully, Mr. Fineman has a friend who has clued him in and now he's written a breathless piece. "In other words, it's the Beltway versus the Blogosphere," writes Mr. Fineman. "What’s interesting is that Rosenberg is himself a Beltway creature, a preternaturally self-assured young insider with a cherubic face and a cold smile. He heads a group called the New Democratic Network and ran his own campaign for DNC chair. But the names he utters with reverence are net-based: organizers such as Eli Pariser and bloggers such as Daily Kos and Atrios. Rosenberg rejects that notion that the bloggers represent a new 'Internet Left.' It’s not an ideological rift, he says, but a 'narrative' of independence versus capitulation: too many Democrats here are too yielding to George W. Bush on the war in Iraq, on tax policy, you name it. 'What the blogs have developed is a narrative,' he told me the other day, 'and the narrative is that the official Washington party has become like Vichy France.' But even though Kerry eventually outlasted the Rebs, and even though Dean (for some weird reason) decided to become chair of the Democratic National Committee, the civil war didn’t end. It just went underground. The first sign of its re-emergence was Cindy Sheehan."


So what Mr. Fineman is saying here is the Democratic Party must become what the fringe kooks of the Democrat blogs, like Daily Kos and Atrios are. They're in the process of it already happening. How can this not be seen by people? There will be no patience for moderate Democrats. They're not going to be tolerated. The new face of the party must be a Cindy Sheehan type. And the Democrats better start listening, the story says, to people like all these other people who think that Bush has to be gotten rid of. The thing is, nobody reads these blogs, folks. Nobody reads them. That's the great thing. Other bloggers read it and that's it.