Sunday, September 25, 2005

La Nooners

Our Dear Peggy is not happy with the boy blunder. Apparently what set her off were comparisons to Saint Reagan. I was especially amused by this:

The administration, in answering charges of profligate spending, has taken, interestingly, to slighting old conservative hero Ronald Reagan. This week it was the e-mail of a high White House aide informing us that Ronald Reagan spent tons of money bailing out the banks in the savings-and-loan scandal. This was startling information to Reaganites who remembered it was a fellow named George H.W. Bush who did that. Last month it was the president who blandly seemed to suggest that Reagan cut and ran after the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon.

Poor Reagan. If only he'd been strong he could have been a good president.

Of course, Reagan did cut and run all the way to Grenada after the events in Lebanon.