Thursday, September 01, 2005


Just now:

Reporter: Regarding the president's zero tolerance for insurance fraud, looting, price gouging. Does he make any allowance for people who have yet to receive aid who are taking things like water or food or shoes to walk among the debris?

Sick Fuckstick McClellan: I think you heard from the president earlier today about his zero tolerance. We understand the need for food and water and supplies of that nature. That's why we have a massive effort underway to continue getting food and water and ice to those who are in need. There are ways for them to get that help. Looting is not the way for them to do it.

Babies, children, the elderly are dieing because they don't have water or medical car. Bush doesn't give a shit. Property more important than people. Property which is perishable or destined to be destroyed by water damage anyway.