Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Not Just Welfare

All the laughing at the poor is really funny, especially, you know, the possible 10,000+ dead ones. I'm sure Katrina is bringing out the best in many - donations, volunteering, etc... - but it's shown the political Right to be the heartless racist fucks we always knew they were.

Giggling monsters aside, it isn't just welfare checks that people get early in the month. A large number of social security recipients (anyone who began receiving them before May, 1997) get their payments on the 3rd of the month, though the rest are staggered throughout. And, yes, SSI - welfare for the elderly - payments go out the first.

But, more to the point, as Josh points out, how the fuck could these people leave without their checks? Not everyone has an AmEx platinum card like Imus and his buddies.

Sick sick motherfuckers.

Post edited because people are saying it wasn't Imus giggling - I was responding to the word "Chortling" in Josh's post, which referred to a conservative coworker of his correspondent, and not actually Imus.