Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's sorta cute when the the right wingers start spinning their wheels over something not entirely awful. But they obviously haven't been paying much attention to what happens when a reporter gingerly questions these people on their pork. I saw Chuck Grassley on CNBC looking like he swallowed a giant slug when the host gingerly asked him about his indoor rainforest. It was actually yet another reminder about how little the Republicans have been challenged on any issue over the past few years - Grassley looked shocked that anyone would dare question him over such a thing.

The real test is what happens when they realize that the Republicans, who do indeed control the government, aren't going to give up a damn bit of their hard-earned pork. I'm sure the Clenis will make an appearance, somehow.

To put it another way, would YOU have the guts to get between Dennis Hastert and a bacon sandwich?

I thought not.