Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reading the Tea Leaves

It sounds like DeLay's pretty much done. He may or may not be convicted, of course, and if he doesn't he'll likely manage to stick around in Congress for a little while, but it sounds like the DeLay era is over. David Brooks was on NPR, and he's a reliable peddler of a certain strand of Republican information. Things we learned: Bush never really got along with DeLay, conservative Republicans have come to believe that DeLay only wants more and doesn't have any genuine conservative principles (whatever they are), everyone just loves Blunt. Whatever the truth of any of these things, the fact that Brooks is peddling these storylines says that they're pushing him out permanently.

My guess is he'll decide at some point that it's much more fun (and lucrative) to retire to K street, if he manages to escape the pokey.