Monday, September 19, 2005

Wanker of the Day

Michelle Malkin.

The problem with Malkin isn't that she writes and publishes her obscenity of a book. The problem is that despite the fact that she has neither the intellectual capacity nor intellectual honesty to be an actual scholar, she gets treated as one by our mainstream media. At worst, she's given the red carpet to spew her nonsense unchallenged all over the airwaves. At "best" she's paired with actual historians who know what they're talking about which, though sadly necessary, is like CSPAN's recent desire to pair a broadcast of Deborah Lipstadt with one of David Irving (no, I'm not calling Malkin a Nazi, just a venemous crackpot).

Thank you, media, for blurring the lines between experts and non-experts, journalists and hacks, geniuses and fools.