Sunday, October 02, 2005


I'd written about this once before I think, but I was thinking about it again recently for a couple of reasons. I'm continually struck by how much we all (or many or most or whatever) have a bit of End Timeser in us. Sure, there's the Rapture crowd. But, it appears that a lot of people belong to one of the many End Times clubs (unofficially, at least). Enviros predict imminent environmental catastrophe. Libertarians imagine (even hope for) the breakdown of civil society through various precipitating events. People on the left and right predict imminent international economic collapse. I don't want to go to deeply into *why* so many people seem to be charter members in one of the many End Times clubs, though I do imagine it has something to do with it being the ultimate affirmation of some deeply held belief.

We all have our own version, I suppose, which says something about us. But in any case I was struck by Kevin Drum's version of the apocalypse, which was kind of a new one.