Saturday, October 29, 2005

Heroes and Villains

After digetsing yesterday's events I may find myself eating some crow and dialing down some criticisms I've had for some journalists, especially Timmeh. Certainly not all of the details are out, but I've frequently criticized Timmeh for not talking about what he said in the grand jury (he finally did this week). Now we know that Fitzgerald had requested that (some?) witnesses not be all that forthcoming about their experience in the grand jury so as not to compromise the investigation.

I certainly think that the many members of the press corps who have been up to their eyeballs in this since the beginning should've shied away from commenting on the case as if they weren't up to their eyeballs in it. But that's a seperate issue of whether they should've spilled the beans.

Still, know we now (as we basically did before) that most journalists involved sang like canaries as soon as Fitz came a calling. I'd have had more sympathy for those corners of the press establishment that were running around praising Judith Miller for not testifying if they'd been simultaneously running around attacking the journalists who did testify. If Miller was a hero, then wasn't Russert a villain? If not, why not?