Saturday, October 22, 2005

Judy Judy Judy

Timeswar continues:

Ms. Miller said in an interview that Mr. Keller's statements were "seriously inaccurate." She also provided The Times with a copy of a memorandum she had sent to Mr. Keller in response.

"I certainly never meant to mislead Phil, nor did I mislead him," she wrote to Mr. Keller, referring to Mr. Taubman.

She wrote that as she had said in an account in The Times last Sunday, she had discussed Mr. Wilson and his wife with government officials, but "I was unaware that there was a deliberate, concerted disinformation campaign to discredit Wilson and that if there had been, I did not think I was a target of it."

She added, "As for your reference to my 'entanglement' with Mr. Libby, I had no personal, social, or other relationship with him except as a source."

I didn't think Keller meant the word "entanglement" to imply what Miller is taking it as, but nonetheless I find her assertion about not having any relationship with him to be rather odd given this claim:

One lawyer familiar with Miller's testimony said the reporter told prosecutors at first that she did not believe the June meeting would have involved Plame. Miller said that, because she had just returned from covering the Iraq war, she was probably giving Libby an update about her experiences there, the lawyer said.

Is this a typical source relationship? For what possible reason would Miller just drop by the White House to update her "source" about her adventures in Iraq? And, yes, I know this is probably just some bullshit claim to cover for her apparent memory lapse over the June meeting but could we at least have a little consistency in our bullshit?