Friday, October 07, 2005

They Don't Need You

The latest discussion is about why conservative bloggers apparently feel ignored by the Republican establishment while liberal bloggers have been embraced by the Democratic one. First, it just isn't really all that true. There are plenty of conservative bloggers who are plugged into the conservative establishment one way or another, and "our side" is, despite all the chatter, far from being an adjunct of the Washington political industrial complex.

But, nonetheless there is a general recognition among more and more of the powers that be on the Left that blogging has value while not so much on the Right. The reason why is simple - conservative blogs are a redundant cog in an already well working machine. They. Don't. Need You. For the internet, they have Drudge, who has more power than all the blogs put together to get out or shape a story. They have talk radio. They have an army of existing plugged in think tanks pushing out people and quotes. They dominate the media as a whole.