Monday, October 03, 2005

The World's Biggest Email Filter

A couple of days ago I admonished people for adding me to their spam lists. Sadly, as is frequently the case, too many people assumed I was somehow talking about them.

Look, spam sucks. My biggest spam problem these days involves a set of people who have created email lists (to which I, at least, have never wanted to be added) to which they regularly send anything interesting they happen to come across. If it's just one person it's no big deal, but these mass emails are sent to large numbers of people.

I don't mind stuff which is sent with good faith and good judgment. Once in awhile people have something they perceive as good enough to send out widely. I've done it myself. I have no problem with that. My problem is with the dozens of people who have added me to their personal daily email digests, without consent or opportunity for opt-out. Frankly, some people are just, well, fucking nuts, but even those who aren't nuts are just rude. I didn't ask to get your daily digest of important crap. Get your own blog, don't waste my time. How many "address this important issue!!!" emails am I supposed to smile at when they're issues I've already addressed?