Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Articles like this were pretty much a daily occurrence during the Clinton administration. Current and former officials were always telling reporters what they just had to do to get back on track, or whatever. But they've been pretty rare in the Bush era.

WASHINGTON -- The building blocks of President Bush's career _ his credibility and image as a strong and competent leader _ have been severely undercut by self-inflicted wounds, leading close allies to fret about his presidency. They say he's lost his way.

These senior Republicans, including past and current White House advisers, say they believe the president can find his way back into people's hearts but extreme measures need to be taken. Shake up his staff, unveil fresh policies, travel the country and be more accountable for his mistakes _ these and other solutions are being discussed at the highest levels of the GOP.


A White House official privately put it this way: Bush has to step up somehow and be accountable.