Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Michael Crowley speculates that McCain was a source for the WaPo's story. That's a rather obvious guess, if a senator was involved. However it looks like "Mr. Straight Talk" has a wee problem telling the truth. According to Newsweek (a story probably told by McCain himself) McCain was at the lunch where Cheney got all weepy and begged them to let them keep torturing people and then told them about the secret prisons. If that's so, then why did Mr. Straight Talk lie to poor Soledad O'Brien yesterday morning?

S. O'BRIEN: There was a report last week in the "Washington Post" that talked about these secret prisons in Europe.


S. O'BRIEN: Are you aware of these prisons?


S. O'BRIEN: Not at all?

MCCAIN: I did not know anything about it.

S. O'BRIEN: Which means what, then? I mean if other senators -- are you going to start hearings on this? Obviously you would like to be aware, yes?

MCCAIN: Well, I think the Intelligence Committee chairman and ranking member were told -- at least that's the media reports that I have -- but I think the American people ought to know if we're doing that kind of thing.