Monday, December 12, 2005

Death Penalty

I'm against it for numerous reasons (depending on when you ask me a different reason is the most important one), but I really can't quite see how Stanley Williams is really the poster child for the cause. The cause is still just, and I'd argue for clemency for everyone on death row and therefore support those who have taken up his cause, but the wrong poster child doesn't help a cause (added: meaning anti-death penalty activists are certainly correct to try to obtain clemency for him and everyone on death row, but that it's a tactical mistake to use his case to further the more general cause of ending the death penalty).

Every now and then the wingnutosphere finds a cause which actually has merit. Too often when they do they spend more time gazing at themselves in self-righteous admiration then actually supporting the cause, but nonetheless when they're right they're right. The case of Cory Maye is indeed a travesty.

...let me also add that while Radley Balko and I probably agree on little I don't consider him to be part of the wingnutosphere. I was referring to the fact that much of the wingnutosphere has turned their championship of the Maye cause (worthy) into a reason to bash liberals for reasons I've not quite been able to understand. Certainly the wingnutosphere emphasis of the case is a bit different. That is, I don't really think you should have the right to blow people away simply because they trespass on your property, though I do think reasonable prosecutors/judges/juries should find it understandable and therefore not criminal at times when it does happen.