Thursday, December 22, 2005


Brad DeLong has a little dialogue trying to explain what's going on at the WaPo. One of his readers adds this bit:

Good one, Brad. But you left out some of the good stuff. You are, after all, something of a guest star in this little sitcom. Here's what Harris had to say about you:

John F. Harris: I said I was not going to return much to the Froomkin matter today, but I'm going to take this one because it bothers me. Also because many other questions I'm not posting are on a similar theme.

I did refuse to answer questions posed by a blogger named Brad Delong asking whether I knew that one of the people on record complaining about the confusion over White House Briefing was affiliated with Republicans.
As a journalist, I hate not answering questions, even from (in this case) someone who clearly was coming from a point of view quite hostile to me. But I had jointly decided with colleagues that I had responded enough to the blogosphere, so I took a pass.
I'll address the matter here...

Again with the obfuscatory sourcing nomenclature. Brad's not "fomer senior official in the Clinton Treasury department.." or "UC Berkeley academic.." he's simply a blogger. One who's clearly "quite hostile to me." Feel the love! Is Harris ignorant? Intentionally trying to mislead? Or what? Poor guy. He clearly has no clue at all that 90% of the people reading the Live Online thing are news junkies who know quite well who Brad is. It's been a bad month for the print divsion at the Post.