Saturday, December 10, 2005

Early Money

In politics early money matters. For a variety of reasons I tend to shy away from contested primaries, though that policy is always subject to change, but I really hope that people are starting to consider giving early and often to their favorite candidates. Once we get into the new year I'll be more aggressively encouraging people to donate.

Something I was shocked to discover is just how humiliating running for congress is. You're basically encouraged to chain yourself to the phone to make fundraising calls for several hours per day. It's a horrible kind of politics. Every minute spent on the phone is a minute which can't be used to do the kind of meet and greet retail politics which we'd like to think is more important than politics by advertising.

The way to help change this process just a little bit is to give to candidates online. The way to encourage them to spend their time out among the public is to show up when they do, and donate when you can. I, for one, would love it if some of those hours on the phone could be replaced in part by more small donation public events.

The politicians still need the money, so let's help them find ways to get it which don't involve turning them into full time telemarketers.