Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Free Nellie

Sony still a bunch of idiots:

Several months after resolving a high-profile dispute with artist Fiona Apple over an album release, Sony Music ended a conflict with another singer-songwriter in a less harmonious manner.

Nellie McKay, who signed with the company's Columbia label in 2003 after a bidding war, said Monday that she had split with the label after a long dispute over the length of her upcoming second album.

McKay had publicly campaigned for her 65-minute, 23-song version of the album, "Pretty Little Head," even giving concert audiences the e-mail address of label head Will Botwin and urging them to complain about the company's plan to release a 48-minute, 16-song version.

Hopefully it does get released soon as claimed. Either way, her previous album is good fun.