Monday, December 12, 2005

Know Your Audience

I certainly appreciate MSNBC's massive blog advertising buy, but they seem to have missed the opportunity to make use of the targeted advertising that blogads allows. Liberals watch MSNBC for three main reasons. First, it's frequently a better place to get actual news than CNN. Second, Keith Olbermann. Third, there are some who are addicted to those occasional moments when Tweety sounds a bit reasonable. The purpose of MSNBC's ad buy is to get people to actually watch the network, not to drive traffic to their site. If they were smarter they'd use the ad space to remind people why the shold watch Olbermann, or let us know that Tweety is letting one of his occasional liberal guests on to have a say. On conservative blogs they'd have ads talking up the Mayor of Looneyville's show. Leave the neon tits to the sex blogs.