Friday, December 02, 2005

Little Ricky's Got a Problem


Third party group, Santorum campaign use same footage


Associated Press

WASHINGTON - If the grandfather and grandson walking together in Sen. Rick Santorum's Internet ad look familiar, it could be because the same two actors are in a television ad that a third-party group is running in support of Santorum.

A spokeswoman for Santorum, R-Pa., has repeatedly denied any connection between Santorum and the group, Americans for Job Security.

The campaign for Bob Casey Jr. - the leading Democratic challenger in his 2006 Senate race - said Friday the coincidence is too much to be ignored.

"I think it raises a lot of questions," said Larry Smar, a spokesman for Casey, the Pennsylvania treasurer who is leading in polls against Santorum. "Someone isn't shooting straight."

Screenshot from Americans for Job Security ad:

Screenshot from Santorum web ad:

Same pair, same clothes... They're claiming it's just a miracle of the coincidental stock footage.