Thursday, December 29, 2005


What Digby says.

Republicans are walking around right now pretending this is a winning issue for them. They like to scare Dems into thinking that anything which makes Bush look like Warrior Daddy, even drunken crazy please take away the car keys Warrior Daddy, is good for them.

They're right, but only because they know they can frighten Democrats into, once again, being nothing but a confused puddle of jello, with an assist from all of the Fox News Democrats talking about just how bad this will make them look. Contra Jason Zengerle, I wasn't pissed that Keller held back on this story because I thought it would win the election for Kerry. In fact, I doubt it would've helped him (in part, of course, because of the puddle of jello dynamic). I was pissed because I think it's the kind of thing the people should know before making an informed decision.

But, anyway, those people who think that in the middle of a metaphorical war the president can do anything he wants as long as he claims it's in the interest of national security, whatever that means these days, including violating judicial orders and congressional statutes, do have principles I guess. They're just not my principles, and not the principles the Democrats should share.