Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Beginning to Inch Up"

I'm getting very tired of New York Times journalists writing about Bush's rebounding support without evidence. Sheryl Gay Stolberg asserts that the SOTU will be a big Bush boost Alito vote will likely be a big boost for Republicans. and claims that the poll numbers are "beginning to inch up."

Look, there's no evidence of positive momentum on Bush's poll numbers. They tanked into the 30s in November and then settled at about 41-43 ever since, except for a couple Holiday season outliers which were higher. Those high outlier polls were trumpeted as a claim that Bush's poll numbers are up and now they're being ignored so that they can claim once again that... Bush's poll numbers are up. It's amazing how they can keep going up and be stuck at 41 simultaneously. It's similar to how the Bushies do their budget accounting PR.