Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Just to clarify a previous point, I don't expect Wolf Blitzer or any of the other "objective" anchors to take sides in these debates, but I do expect them to manage to communicate that the debates matter. I admit that Bloviating Biden and his Princeton cap don't make it easy, but no matter what the shenanigans of some of the senators the issues matter.

Whether you think outlawing abortion will make the baby Jesus stop crying or whether it'll relegate women to second class status and end up causing countless deaths from unsafe medical procedures, it matters. Whether individuals have the right to go to court to sue big institutions - corporations or state/local/federal government - and have a chance of winning matters. Whether or not racial discrimination lawsuits have a chance of succeeding matters. etc... etc...

No matter what the show put on by senators or the mockery of the show staged by our media, these things matter.