Monday, January 16, 2006


Steno Sue Schmidt on C-Span.

They – the Democrats have not been – a few have been sort of out there strident about it but there's a deafening silence on the part of a lot of people. And that's because actually Abramoff had – was giving a lot of money to Democrats, too.

Aside from the falsehood about Abramoff giving money to Democrats, on what planet have the Democrats been silent about this?  The DNC, Dean, Reid, Pelosi, have all been hitting this issue hard.   I know in Washington Post Land  if it's not on their own page A1  it didn't happen.  Of course in Washington Post land they feel free to manufacture facts to make Republicans happy.

What was it Prime Fighting Age Beinart's employee wrote the other day?  Oh yes, it was:

One last point. Back in the '90s Sue Schmidt took a lot of shit for her reporting on Clinton. Many liberals accused her of being a right wing shill. But she has written some of the best and most important Abramoff stories, pushing a scandal that could exact enormous damage on the Republican party. Now, I think her critics owe her an apology.


(tip from Central Scrutinizer)