Wednesday, January 04, 2006


John says NBC's statement means that this is a real story. Certainly there's some story. I worry that this is such generic cover your ass speak it could mean anything.

Either way, it is some story. Andrea Mitchell has reason to think/conjecture/know that Amanpour was spied on by the administration, and for some reason as yet unknown she didn't want that little detail being public yet.

To be clear, I don't mean I hope that they were spying on Amanpour, just that there's certainly reason to be concerned that they have done such things and if they have it'd be nice if there were reasons to be optimistic that the truth will come out.

Of course will be confronted with the inevitable Sunday roundtables on the subject.

Fox News Sunday:
Hume: Why do you care about this Juan? What do you have to hide? Huh, terrorist symp?

This Week:

Broder: The real crime is how the Democrats have responded to this crime.

Meet the Press:

Russert: This week, another discussion of the greatest generation and just how great they are, like my pop big Russ.

Reliable Sources:

Kurtz: Some liberal journalists are unhappy that they were being spied on. Is this really a problem, Jonah Goldberg?