Saturday, February 25, 2006

Boycotting SD

I guess I should've used a different word so let me clarify. I have no desire to stage an economic boycott against all things South Dakota to exact economic punishment.

I just have no desire to travel to a state which declares women to be 2nd class citizens and parts of their bodies to be state property. I have no desire to, even temporarily, live under that system of government. I have no desire to be in a place where if my wife has a sudden medical issue Bill Frist and Tom DeLay will be looking over the Ob/Gyn's shoulder.

Presumably this law will fall and the SC won't hear the case so all this will be moot. But if Roe falls and abortion is outlawed in various places in the country I think it's quite rational to want to avoid places where if we suddenly discover, say, an ectopic pregnancy we would be unable to get the necessary treatment to take care of it as my wife's reproductive system and other organs are being destroyed. I don't want to be sitting in a hospital room in South Dakota trying to figure out if we can get a helicopter flight to another state without John Thune finding out.